All In One Solar Street Lights

With Li-on 

Unique Advanced Technology, Much Brighter, Much Safer

Solar street lights are independent of the utility grid resulting to lessened operation costs.,easy Installation.

With rechargeable & replaceable big capacity Lithium battery

Over 2000 times cyclic charge-discharge, over 8 years life span; good performance at high temperature resistance, eco-friendly.

Technical Specifications


Product CodeModelBatterySolar PanelLED EfficiencyMounting Height
SBidP0707 Watt14.8V/8Ah18V/30Wp12V/07W4m
SBidP0909 Watt14.8V/8Ah18V/30Wp12V/09W4m
SBidP1212 Watt14.8V/8Ah18V/30Wp12V/12W4m
SBidP1515 Watt14.8V/10Ah18V/30Wp12V/15W5m
SBidP2020 Watt14.8V/12Ah18V/40Wp12V/20W5m
SBidP3030 Watt14.8V/18Ah18V/60Wp12V/30W5-6m
SBidP4040 Watt14.8V/22Ah18V/80Wp12V/40W5-6m
SBidP5050 Watt14.8V/30Ah18V/80Wp12V/50W5-6m

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to reach as many customers as we can and allow them to install solar lights at very reasonable price.
We Produce high quality products using the advanced technology and have no problems in the installation.
We are so confident you are going to love SOLMITRA allinone solar street lights.

Light Your Area in Just 


All in one solar street light
can be installed in may application fields!

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