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    1. During Day
    2. During Night
    Preliminary Checks
    1. Cause: Switch does not on
      Check whether the switch is turned on
    2. Cause: LED Failure
      Let the light charge over two sunny days and then check on the third night. If the light doesn’t work, check the indicative LED for colors to place the charging and discharging of the current from battery.
    3. Cause: Battery Runs Out
      Charge battery by Solar Panel in day time, and turn off the switch at night to stop discharge , like this , 2 days could full charge the battery
    4. Cause: Low Battery
      a .Charge battery by Solar Panel and turn off the switch at night to stop discharge, Repeat for two nights
      b.Clean the solar panel
    5. Cause: Battery failure
      If there is no indication from the indication LED (neither green nor red)
      If the light does not switch on for more than 3 days of ambient sunlight.
    6. Cause: No Induct
      Move in the range of detection under the half power illumination condition, if light does not switch to full power; one could judge the sensor failure.

    The above preliminary checks have been considered and validated. We are still facing the issues detailed.

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