Solar Street Lights

SolMitra Steel and Power Ltd. Is an all in one integrated solar shopp. We manufacture all our solar products in Bangalore, Karnataka and have an extensive network of solar dealers and distributors exclusively selling SolMitra’s solar products. Our solar products are based on the concept of PV solar panels and harnessing solar energy to be used as electricity.

Solar street light

A solar powered streetlight is arguably the most innovative, cost-effective and modern day solution for public and private space illumination. An easy installation procedure, applicable almost everywhere from road intersections to market areas to your house’s backyard, makes a solar street light an easy illumination solution and a viable replacement for old non renewable lighting technologies

SolMitra is a class leading solar streetlight manufacturing company in Karnataka, India. Boasting of a manufacturing unit a world-class production setup and the latest technology along with a robust R&D department, SolMitra is a one-stop shop for all solar streetlight needs.

All-in-one (Integrated) solar street light

An all in one (integrated) solar street light is a hassle free lighting solution with no cabling requirement and an easy to mount structure with top solar panel which has a lithium (LifePO4) battery, infrared motion sensor, control card and high output LEDs encased into it.


• Uni-body light weight design. Modern and smart appearance.
• Patented die-casted panel housing.
• Zinc plated anti rust and anti corrosion coating.
• Waterproof design makes sure no maintenance is needed
• Automated dusk to dawn operation.
• Superfast 6-8 hour charge, which lasts for 3-5 rainy days.
• In-built infrared motion sensor with smart functioning.
• Government approved, completely made in India with a 5-year
• Easy to install and use, DIY design.

An innovative modern and smart solar solution for your lighting needs. Product range available from as less as 7W to 60W.

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