Solmitra, your one stop solar shop, has been setup with the motivation to make a user’s process of going solar, hassle-free, cost effective and hence, empowering the solar industry’s key stakeholders by making them an integral part of the solar energy drive, across the country.

Promoters behind Solmitra carry a wide spectrum of experience and have been a part of the solar industry, both retailing and manufacturing, for the last 20 years carrying out integral functions such as solar sales, solar consulting, solar distribution and solar servicing.

Atul Mishra

Atul Mishra


Solmitra Power & Steel Pvt. Ltd. has been set up under the vision and directorship of Mr. Atul Mishra who originally hails from Delhi. Mr. Atul has displayed supreme entrepreneurial skills and an instinctive knowledge of market trends. In 1998, Mr. Atul chose to pursue a business opportunity presented to him and since, he has worked with conviction and has achieved exponential growth in his career. He has successfully led and driven the establishment of Solmitra and turned it into one of the leading solar business units in the industry.

Following his instinctive market knowledge and entrepreneurial skills, Mr. Atul Mishra has been very successful in leading the company to new heights. Encompassing modern and traditional values and work ethics, he has set up the perfect cohesive working environment within the company, empowering all employees.

Today, Mr. Atul Mishra, the mastermind behind Solmitra stands as a great beam of support in escalating its presence over the B2B markets by wielding his instinctive study of market trends and distinctive marketing skills. Mr. Atul Mishra believes that the industry is very ripe and there is a lot of untapped potential in the market, led the right way, he sees Solmitra achieving heights that no other solar company in India has ever reached.

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