Company Overview

SolMitra Power and Steel Pvt ltd is an integrated all in one solar manufacturing and retailing company based out of Bengaluru, Karnataka. With a solar production shop floor area of 45,550 Sq. Ft and a solar product dealer and distributor network spread across India, SolMitra boasts of a vast solar product lines and a massive indigenous solar product manufacturing capacity.

The company’s solar mission to electrify India using solar powered products such as all-in-one solar street light, solar water heaters, solar lanterns, solar panels and other various solar products is turning into a well shaped reality since its inception. SolMitra has been awarded many accolades since it has been operational such as being listed in the ‘The top 25 green companies, 2018’ by CEO Insights magazine (

SolMitra has been successful in electrifying almost all major villages in Karnataka with our highly sought after all-in-one solar streetlight and a 100% delivery rate with 0% returns or concerns. SolMitra’s chief focus is to render its best work to the country in terms of quality and innovation by ensuring that every person, especially the rural people can avail the best of solar products and be a part of this efficient solar technology.

SolMitra carries a wide range of solar products ranging from solar streetlights to solar lantern to solar generators, solar panels and a condominium of other solar products. Apart from having a wide dealer network across India, SolMitra also has a local distribution center in Bengaluru (Bangalore) to meet the requirements of the nationwide network of SolMitr’s solar dealers/distributors.