1) Marketing


Currently Unavailable
Solar/UVC Products Marketing/Sales

Education: MBA / Engineering
Nos: 1
Requirement: Bike, Laptop, Willing to Travel
Office Location: Peenya Industrial Area
More Details: +917411084174

2) HR Executive

HR Manager

Currently Unavailable
Human Resource Management

Education: UG, MBA, PGDM
Experience: 2 - 3 Years
Nos: 1
Requirement: Human Resource Management, Recruitment, Employee Relations, HR Operations, Payroll, bike, Kannada Language Must
Office Location: Peenya Industrial Area
More Details: +917411084174

3) R&D Manager

HR Manager

Currently Unavailable
R&D Manager

Education: BE / B.Tech ECE, M.Tech
Experience: 7 - 8 Years
Nos: 1
Requirement: Sound knowledge in Software & Hardware, component selection, new product development mainly lithium battery ESS / EV, PWM / MPPT controllers, Solar LED Lighting System etc.
Office Location: Peenya Industrial Area
More Details: +917411084174

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    4) Production Engineer

    HR Manager

    Immediate Job Recruitment

    Education: BE/BTech/MTech - Electrical or Electrical and Electronics
    Nos: 1
    Job Location: Dabspet Industrial Area - Bengaluru
    Job Description:
    • Calculate product volume, weight, and run-time requirements and define pack and cell requirements.
    • Design test and validation plans for characterization and manufacturing of battery packs.
    • Assembly of cells, BMSs, and battery casings.
    • Capable of handling thermal management.
    • Performing all required tests during battery assembly.
    • Management of supply during pack construction.
    • Assists team members with training and development to achieve production goals.
    • Working on 3.2V to 400V (DC)
    • Root Cause Analysis in the faulty batteries.
    • Material Selection for all the battery components.
    • Report generation at various testing and validation level.
    Experience: 1 - 3 Years
    • Experience in both low and high-voltage battery applications such as BESS, UPS, EV, etc. 
    • Develop Battery Modules in Different Chemistries, such as NMC, LFP, NCA, etc. 
    • Experience with Cylindrical and Prismatic Lithium Cells
    • Experience in battery machines such as Grading, Sorting, BTS, Spot welding, and Leaser welding.
    • Knowledge and experience in Cell Assembly, Wiring, BMS, and all Other Components of Battery Integration and Testing Procedures
    • Practical Knowledge of Industry Standards in Development, Verification and Validation of Battery Modules
    More Details: +917411084174