An all in one solar street light is a combination of LED luminary, solar panel and internal control card integrated into one casing to make the product look like one single equipment. We at Solmitra have come up with our own unique Uni-Body design to carter to the growing demands of the Indian marketplace.

Our all in one solar street light is designed and manufactured in India at our manufacturing unit in Bangalore. We have added a plethora of features to our all in one solar street light which makes it totally worth the competitive price. Using the latest technologies, we have created the ultimate lighting solution that can not only help you reduce your carbon footprint but it will also be light on your wallet and not to forget: You get bragging rights!

So you will ask, how will it change your life, we are glad you did! Here are 5 ways in which our all in one solar street light will change your life:

  1. Smart Functions: Today, in the era of automation, one cannot possibly service without having a smart functioning product and that was the first thing we developed, Smart Functioning All-In-One Solar Street Lights. Our lights are smart, like actually very smart: Automatic switch on/off, Automatic Dimming (PIR based models), a control card that is smarter than most and a host of other smart function; not to mention the smart looks our all in one solar street light carries.


  1. Convenience: Today, its all about having convenience! Lucky for us, we have designed our all in one solar street lights to deliver just that! Once installed, our all in one solar street lights need to looking at except for the usual dust and clean, once in a year. Apart from that, our delivery process is also centred around customer convenience: we make sure the order is delivered to you, hassle-free and if you need any help with the light or installation or any other query, we have a pan-India network of dealers and service providers who we make sure are only one call away!


  1. Accreditation: Solmitra is a Government of India (GoI) accredited company and hold certifications that have enabled us to build a trust factor amongst our customers. Our all in one solar street light and other solar products have all been under government approved testing for approval.


  1. Reduce your electricity cost: Imagine you’re at your farmhouse and have hosted a three day getaway for your family and friends. Everyone is having fun and suddenly the light goes out and Bahadur informs you that the electricity will only return next morning. What do you do?


You install our all in one solar street lights and make sure the farmhouse is illuminated and you get Solmitra’s off-grid solar power system which’ll make sure your plan to have a getaway stays intact and all this while reducing your long term electricity cost


  1. Futuristic: Solmitra’s all in one solar street light helps you connect with the future. Solar energy is the future and getting used to it now will enable you to embrace the future. Solmitra’s all in one light has been designed to keep end user’s process of going solar hassle free and all this while reducing the cost one has to pay for this new technology.


Constant innovation is what we strive for at Solmitra. Our innovation and production centres in Bangalore are run by highly skilled and enabled technicians who take personal interest in the growth of the technology and hence deliver class leading results.


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